6 Tee Court,  Bell Street,  Romsey, Hants,  SO51 8GY.

Romsey's Premier Gents & Boys Hairdressers.

6 Tee Court, Bell Street,  Romsey, Hants,  SO51 8GY.

01794 519088



It looks like we will be able to reopen 2nd December as planned &  when we return we will be sticking to our strict safety measures, measures that go beyond government guidelines, for both your & our safety, including a fresh gown for each customer & a full cleaning of seats & all equipment used on or touched by the previous customer, after every haircut.


We appreciate a lot of people are clearly still very nervous about venturing out to their hairdressers but rest assured, like the majority of professional hairdressers, we are going to great lengths to cut customer's hair in as safe an enviroment as is possible, in these difficult times.  


We also appreciate it's not fun waiting outside for your appointment, nor wearing a mask, certainly wearing them for up to 12hrs a day is certainly no fun for us either, but these measures are for the good of all of us & hopefully will keep both you & us safe & well.  


For an appointment please call 01794 519088 & when calling please leave a clear message with your full name, your phone number & also the name of which of us cuts your hair ( Steve is near the front door, Garth is at the rear of the shop ) & we will always get back to you at the first opportunity.


Please be sure to remember your face mask, as it is nowmandatory for customers to wear face masks in barber shops & hairdressers & be sure it's the type that wraps around your ears & not the back of your head / neck please.

( Exceptions are made for infant children who are not comfortable with them & elderly Gents with breathing issues ).

I have a limited supply for any of my customers that forgets theirs & I am charging £1, with the full proceeds going to



We wish all our customers well, we hope you & your families manage to stay clear of this horrible virus & we look forward to seeing you all again in early December.  








To view our extensive safety measures, please visit our 

"Mr B's & Covid 19" page. 


Winner of 15 National awards & a National hairdressing competition judge.


Haircuts by appointment, at times that suit you, with no waiting.


Stylists with 30 plus years experience.


Appointments available from 6.30 a.m.


To book, please call 01794 519088...  

if we cannot answer, please leave us a message stating which of us cuts your hair

& what day & approximate time suits you

& we will call you back at the very first opportunity.




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