6 Tee Court,  Bell Street,  Romsey, Hants,  SO51 8GY.

 Mr B's History....



    "Mr B's Barber Shop" 

    opened for business in Bell Street in 1996. Having trained & worked in Romsey

    for 12 years, my business got off to a flying start & in the 6 years I was in Bell Street, my business grew  

    continually but satisfying the demand became more & more of  a problem as efforts to find enough staff,  

    of the quality I desired, proved fruitless.      


    With 4.15 am starts & ever increasing rents I decided to close the Barber Shop in May of 2002, downsize

    to smaller but brighter premises & work solely to a more controllable appointment system.


    "Mr B's Gents' & Boys' Hairdressing Salon" 

    opened in Tee Court, just off of Bell Street, in June of 2002  & after the 2 years of searching for staff for

    the Barber's shop,  within 2 weeks of opening the smaller business I was then approached by 6 quality

    people looking for work!  In September of 2002 I was joined by Jon Heath,  who I worked with for 12  

    years, until Jon moved onto pastures new in Southampton. Garth Phelps, whom I trained with and

    worked with for 12 years from 1984 to 1996, then joined me at Mr B's ... after many years of pestering

    him to do so !


    Steve Biddlecombe's Hairdressing History -  


    I trained under  the terrific guidance of John Light here in Romsey, encouraged into competition work

    from a young age, I learned fast & am pleased to say attracted a loyal customer base quickly.

    Competing at all ends of the country, I gained 15 national competition awards & then became a

    National Judge for 5 years,  judging the work of my peer's & that of upcoming youngsters. Now with a

    Master Craftsman Diploma, I rarely find the time to compete but do visit competitions occasionally to

    keep an eye on current trends.


    Garth Phelps' Hairdressing History  -  


    Garth & I worked together for some 12 years at "Finesse Of Romsey", Garth having also trained there

    under John Light. We have cut each other's hair for 25 years and Garth also has a loyal following in

    Romsey, having also worked here all his adult life, it's great to have Garth come on board and to be

    working together again.


In Business Since 1996.